A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

This was made during the SplashJam (2016), check out the other games made here!

How to play this game:

Android Users:

Tilt your phone to make the sailor tilt the boat left or right.

To make the ship go forwards, you either blow in the mic of your Android device or have the game running in a crowded and loud place. Be creative!

Windows and OS X Users:

W to speed up and A/D to tilt the boat. Mic only works on some devices. :(

PS: Since the game doesn't really have a clear goal right now, I guess it's only purpose is to show your significant other that the current conversation is really loud. Just a suggestion!

PSP: The game has been tested on animals, but not on OS X. Lettuce know if there's anything wrong!


Matthew Guise (Programmer) / @MatthewGuise

Einar Langfjorden (3D and Animation) / @RemiSaur

Rein (Texturing)

Ole Helland (Game Design and Additional "Art") / @JackShjt


Blow Me Sails (Android) 21 MB
Blow Me Sails (Windows) 48 MB
Blow Me Sails (OS X) 17 MB

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